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Goal:Almost Complete!

Hey, y’all!! We are almost to 1,000 likes! Ann is offering a giveaway once we reach the goal! To enter the giveaway all you need to do is follow the blog! The more followers we get, the more giveaways we can have!! Keep up the support! We love y’all and we love Ann!!

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Hitting The Charts!!

Ann gave us some big news today! Remember that endearing holiday novella she released less than a year ago?? It made the top #100 for Holiday books on Amazon!! If you haven’t had a chance yet, check it out! Due to today being her middle daughter’s birthday, Ann is giving away free copies on Amazon for the next FIVE days!! Hurry up and snag a copy while this amazing deal is going on! You will not regret it!!



Drip Stop: The Grand Return & ReOpen!


It’s finally time! Ann Popp has returned! After a move half way across the country, a new job, and some amazing writing, THE TIME HAS COME!!


Clearly Caught has been released to the ever capable editors! Having read a few spoilers myself, I am proud to say we will not be disappointed! With this story, we welcome new characters and welcome back our old friends. Matty and Dillon are as energized as ever. Matt and Laura are more in love than we would ever imagine. But who’s that with Khloe? Has our tough, independent friend found the one? Stay tuned to find out…




Keep checking back for updates! Ann told me personally that Clearly Caught will be released as soon as possible!

Ann Is Back!!

After a brief sabbatical due to some big changes, Ann has contacted us and dished!

She has been diligently  been working on Clearly Caught and is getting close to sending it to the editors! After a long wait, we will be shortly returning to the Canyon Book Series! The return of the series based in an inspiring small Texas town is almost upon us!! This time, it is all about Khloe!! I can’t wait to see where Ann’s alluring stories bring us this time around. The stimulating, well written plots from her imagination have us readers dying for more, more, more! Show your support, let us know here or via Facebook your thoughts!!


Stay tuned! I’ve been assured, on good authority, that there are many more updates to come!

Holiday Pick Me Up, Anyone?

Sorry for the wait, y’all. It’s been a crazy month!

Ann Popp’s novella, Christmas Love, is available for purchase on Amazon for Kindle!

Christmas teaser 1

Everyone loves a good book during their holiday break. Unwind from the chaos of the season, enter the world of Ryan and Miranda, and just relax. This story started off as an entry for a writing contest, but turned into much, much more. Characters and a plot descended from Ann’s fingertips to her keyboard, creating a very appealing Christmas love story. I couldn’t turn off my laptop while reading her tale! It’s a great story that all can enjoy.


Show your love and support for Ann Popp and check out her newest publication!


Ready, Set, Publish!

You heard it here first, folks!  20 pages left of edits and Ann Popp is clicking publish on her secret project! Her novella is almost ready! She plans on clicking publish by midnight tonight. Amazon takes about 6 hours to process books before they are available to the public, so keep checking back!

Christmas teaser 3.jpg

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!

After a shot in the dark with a holiday novella, it’s finally time! Ann Popp has finished her secret project and it has been sent to the beta readers to be edited! I was one of the lucky few she chose. I promise on my life, this novella is worth this wait!

Christmas teaser 1.jpg


The sizzling hot holiday romance between Ryan and Miranda is one to marvel at. The cat and mouse games they play are so realistic, I guarantee you will all enjoy it. This is a must read, as soon as she publishes it. Keep your eyes and ears open, folks! I will keep you updated as Ann decides her publication date and prices!

I love Ann Popp’s work, but the more she writes, the more I am becoming obsessed. I’ve re-read and re-read her books repetitively, eager as a beaver for the next work to come out! So I am asking all of you to show your support and keep reading her work!! It gets better and better each time. Stay tuned!


In honor of Veteran’s Day and the fact that Ann Popp is a United States Marine Corps veteran, she will be selling Always Faithful for 25% off for paperback copies only! For $7.50, not only will you get a copy of Always Faithful, but it will be a personalized copy! So expect a note and signature from Ann herself!! Help us celebrate those who have served in our wonderful military!

AF front cover



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Time To Let The Cat Out Of The Bag….

Ann Popp has revealed to me today that she has been working on a secret project!! It is a stand alone novella in her usual genre of contemporary romance. She has been hard at work and is super excited! Ann quoted to me via phone conversation that this story is literally giving her a headache because she can not get it out quick enough! The words are pouring from her fingertips, while she is four steps further in her mind! With all the mysterious mutterings and accidental droppings she has made, I am going crazy to read this! It should be out to the beta readers within the next week or so!!!! Keep your eyes and ears open as more on this develops. According to the leaks Ann has made, this short story is unlike her other works, while still adhering to her romantic genre of writing! No blurbs or tidbits have been released yet, but they are on the way! Keep up your support and spread the word! Ann Popp is on the move with a new work of art! Cheers for Ann!!!!